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The next semester starts on Saturday, 29th June 2024

Enrollment closes on Friday, 28th June  2024

Only 20 students slots available. 

Quranic Arabic Intensive is a 10-week live, online program to learn Arabic using a smart learning path and proven language-learning techniques, so you can finally understand the Quran directly in the language of revelation.

Only 20 students slots available.

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in the Mid 2024 semester (29nd Jun - 1st Sep, 2024)

Easily learn Quranic words, master Arabic grammar, and understand the Quran without relying on translation

Program Overview

The Quranic Arabic Intensive brings together a top-notch curriculum and experienced Arabic instructors.

The 10-week guided program provides you with everything you need to understand the Quran directly in Arabic, whether you’re reciting it or listening to its recitation.

Every aspect of your Quranic Arabic Intensive experience — from the live, online classes to the supportive FAQ sessions, along with tutor guidance, in-class discussions, and breakout group tasks — will accelerate you towards achieving your Quranic Arabic goals.

Semester length

10 weeks

Focus of study

Proficiency in Quranic Arabic & Modern Standard Arabic

Live Hours per week


Mode of learning

Live, online classes via Zoom

Class times

Saturday, 4-6pm UK
Sunday, 4-6pm UK

(Alternative time slots may be offered)

Recordings will be available


For beginners with a basic level in reading Arabic/Quran

Success stories from Quranic Arabic Intensive, 
Autumn 2023 intake

“Thank you for all the wonderful classes. I am really grateful to Allah that I took this Intensive course. Before this course I have been trying to figure out what to do. 

Jazakallah for all your hard work and patience through out the course. I have submitted my final exam and I even I translated some of the questions too, because I was enjoying being able to understand them!”

~ 💬 ~ Tara J

“May Allah bless you abundantly for having taught us the Arabic in such a structured, clear, and organised way. Thanks to you, my understanding (which was basic) has greatly improved. May Allah give you lots of baraka and hasanat for every word I understand through your course.”

💬 ~ Mejasoa Rakoto

Major Stroke survivor, revert from Wales gets 95% in Qur'anic Arabic exam with Qur'anic Arabic Intensive!

Why Quranic Arabic Intensive?

Many conventional Arabic courses focus on speaking skills and common daily conversation phrases. This is great if your primary goal of learning Arabic is for travel or social reasons.

But if the reason you want to learn Arabic is to directly understand the Quran without relying on translations, then these conventional methods can leave you frustrated.

This is because conventional Arabic courses do not focus on the vocabulary, grammar, and dialect needed to quickly understand the Quran in Arabic.

Quranic Arabic Intensive is different because it accelerates you on the path of learning the specific vocabulary and grammar of the Quran, so you can easily and quickly:

✅ Feel a direct connection with the Quran without relying on translations.

✅ Appreciate and experience the beauty of the Quran in the chosen language of revelation, just as the Prophet ﷺ and companions did.

✅ Feel deeply immersed in spiritual connection during salah (prayer) because you understand the direct conversation you’re having with Allah.

✅ Understand what the Imam recites in congregational prayers, even if the Imam recites verses you haven’t memorised, so you can maintain khushoo’ (focus).

✅ Find it easier to memorise new verses or chapters from the Quran with understanding and make the Quran your companion in daily life.

Have the foundation to go deeper in your Quranic tafseer studies because you no longer miss out on the nuances of the Arabic language.

The next semester starts on: 
Saturday, 29th June 2024

Enrolment closes on:
Friday, 28st June 2024

Only 20 students slots available. 

Heres Everything You Get
The Quranic Arabic Intensive brings together a top-notch curriculum and experienced Arabic instructors.
The 10-week guided program provides you with everything you need to understand the Quran directly in Arabic, whether you’re reciting it or listening to its recitation.

Every aspect of your Quranic Arabic Intensive experience — from the live, online classes to the supportive FAQ sessions, along with tutor guidance, in-class discussions, and breakout group tasks — will accelerate you towards achieving your Quranic Arabic goals.
  • 10 Weeks Semester Taught Live By Expert Arabic Unlocked Instructors
  • ​4 Hours Per Week , taught online via Zoom.
  • ​Focus on helping you  achieve Proficiency in Quranic Arabic & Modern Standard Arabic
  • Class times:  Saturday, 1-3pm UK & Sunday, 1-3pm UK .  (recordings will be available)
  • For beginners with a basic level in reading Arabic/Quran

Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program

  • ​Pre-Recorded course teaching our Quranic Arabic Unlocked curriculum (similar to what will be taught on the intensive)
  • ​Flexible learning units with self-paced online video lessons and high quality exercises and self-test worksheets.
  • Ongoing Tutor Support And A Vibrant Learning Community

'Language Mastery' Course

A course for ANYONE looking to improve their mindeset and approach to learning Arabic - or any other skill.

  • UNFAIR advatntage that Arabic Unlocked students have over others, ​no other language learning course provides anything like this
  • ​​8 Modules covering the key methods and techniques that will accelerate your Arabic Learning.
  • ​Packed with applied tools and techniques that will transform your Arabic Learning.
  • ​Best preparation for succesful language learning.

'Unlocking The Words' ebook collection

Our extremely popular eBooks have helped thousands streamline their path to begin understanding both, the Quran and the Sunnah.
  • ​Many hours of research and analysis went into finding the top occuring words in the Quran and Sunnah
  • ​3 eBooks in ​​PDF and Digital, Interactice Flipbook versions, to listen and practice your pronunciation.
  • ​'Unlocking the Words of the Quran' eBook.
  • 'Unlocking the Words of the Sunnah' eBook.
  • ​'Top 100 Verbs in The Quran' eBook.
  • Ultimate hack to learning the most practical vocabulary

'Know What You Say When You Pray' Course

This course is designed for the sole purpose of teaching and walking you through the meaning of EVERY STEP of the most important aspect of your life, your Salaah.
  • Understand the conversation that goes on between you and Allah at least
  • ​Quickest way to improve the quality of your Salaah.
  • Build a strong foundation for Khushoo' during Salaah.
  • ​​Come out of the Salaah a etter person than before.
  • Stop praying in a robotic nature
  • Self-paced, high quality course

lifetime premium access to Arabic unlocked app

The Arabic Unlocked App is a fun and interactive way to practice and improve your vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes a day
  • ​7 different sections including: 'Everyday Arabic', 'Quranic Words', 'Word Builder', and 'Prophet Stories'
  • Best tool for learning and remembering new vocabulary
  • ​Built-in Spaced Repetition System Technology
  • Great tool for learning whilst on the go
  • ​Typically costs £10 a month for Premium Subscription
  • ​Half a Million downloads, Thousands of 5-star reviews!
Complete your enrolment today to confirm your spot in the 2024 semester
See How We’ve Helped Other Students Learn Quranic Arabic

“I am so happy I cleared the exam with 81% marks. Alhamdulillah. The credit goes to you for your sincere efforts in providing us a good understanding of various topics, patiently bearing slow learners like me. JazakAllah Khairan.”

~ 💬 Akhtar

“What I like most about the course is the method of interaction. You made it personal and involved all of us in participation without fear or anxiety. When you asked us questions, you also lead us through to the answers without embarrassment. You made us feel comfortable and made the course simply. We had enough time for all questions and clarification”.

~ 💬 Muhees Adeola

Your Journey to Understand Arabic Starts Here

Embark on a transformative journey with Quranic Arabic Intensive, the live edition of our popular self-paced course, Quranic Arabic Unlocked.

Over 10 enriching weeks, you’ll be led by our experienced Arabic instructors on a journey to immerse yourself in the beauty of the language of revelation. Best of all, the entire learning journey is designed to make learning Arabic as easy and intuitive as possible for English speakers.

This dynamic experience consists of a structured curriculum infused with real-time interactions, daily support, and accountability.

InshaAllah, by the end of 10 weeks, you’ll break past the language barrier standing between you and the Quran, so you can finally experience that direct, profound connection with the Quran that your heart and soul has been missing out on all these years.

Quranic Arabic Intensive is perfect for you if you are:

A beginner to the Arabic language with a basic ability to read the Arabic script/Quran (proficiency in tajweed is not necessary).

A native Arabic speaker who is fluent in an Arabic dialect but struggle to understand the Fussha used in the Quran.

Someone who has studied Modern Standard Arabic before but has forgotten a lot of what you learned and need a comprehensive revision.

Neil Learned Quranic Arabic 
6 Months After Reverting to Islam!

If Neil can achieve this with our self-paced Quranic Arabic Unlocked course, imagine the progress you can make with our Intensive edition that comes with LIVE classes and extra accountability.

The Intensive Advantage

Live, Online Classes

Enjoy the best of both worlds: the flexibility of online classes with the accountability and support of a live teacher.

Smart Learning Path

Our structured curriculum has been specially designed and proven to help English speakers grasp Quranic Arabic quickly and easily.

Arabic Instructor

Learn from an experienced Arabic instructor who is dedicated to teach and guide you through the entire 10-week journey.

Small Classes

Benefit from focused and personalised attention in small classes that are capped at a maximum of 20 students.

Live Interaction

Engage directly with your tutor, ask questions during and after class, and enjoy collaborative learning and interaction with other students.

Customised Learning

Our experienced tutors will know how to customise the learning path to meet the group’s and your individual learning needs.

In-Class Activities

Participate in breakout rooms and student discussions that reinforce your understanding and application of Quranic Arabic concepts.

Instant Feedback

Get immediate answers to your questions through live Q&A sessions after class, enhancing your comprehension and clarity.

Consistent Progress

Benefit from the accountability of joining classes with others and completing weekly homework to make consistent progress.

Group Mentorship

Receive continuous mentorship within a supportive Telegram group to overcome any obstacles during your learning journey.

Additional Study Tools

Get lesson slides, summary sheets, and exercises that complement your studies and facilitate comprehensive understanding.

Lifetime Access & Bonuses

Enjoy lifetime access to the recorded classes, plus lifetime premium access to Arabic Unlocked App and other bonus learning tools.
See How We’ve Helped Other Students Learn Quranic Arabic

“I have memorised the Quran but unfortunately didn’t understand a word and thought learning Arabic was not something I could do.

But since studying with Arabic Unlocked I was surprised at how much I was able to learn and understand in such a short space of time.

It has changed my experience of reciting the Quran. I can even understand parts of the Friday khutbah, Alhamdulillah.”

💬 Moqem

Alhamdulilah both me and my son have been able to progress in our Arabic and now we are beginning to understand some of what we are reading when we recite the Quran. 

💬 Sister H

Before Arabic Unlocked, I didn’t know many words or understand very much in Arabic.

Since studying with Arabic Unlocked, I have been able to learn to understand a lot of new words, and I can even hold small conversations when speaking with natives.

Most importantly, it has given me an understanding of the Quran that I did not have before.

~ 💬 Hassan

Meet Our Team of Experienced Arabic Instructors & Tutors

Assad Masud came from a non-Arab background and began studying Arabic as an adult. He was motivated to learn Arabic so he can understand the Quran when he recites or hears the Quran being recited

After years of struggling to learn Arabic, he discovered a formula to unlock Arabic that helped him reach fluency within 9 months. He then went on to teach Arabic and translate for world-renowned scholars.

His formula, tools, and programs at Arabic Unlocked have helped over 16,000 students worldwide unlock Arabic, connect deeply with what they recite in salaah, and understand the Quran directly.
Sam Martin Burr heard Arabic for the first time in his life at age 17. Just a year later, he was accepted to study Arabic at SOAS, University of London. 

Two years later he flew to Palestine to study at Al-Najah University for a year. By 2015, he had graduated with a BA in Arabic and began his career as a primary school teacher.

In 2016, he left his job as a primary school teacher to pursue teaching Arabic. He started by teaching online and in homes across East London. Within two years, he had successfully taught Arabic to hundreds of students and today hosts a podcast with over half a million downloads and is the Academy Lead here at Arabic Unlocked.
Apply now to join the 2024 intake
of Arabic Unlocked Intensive

Each semester of Arabic Unlocked Intensive 2024 is limited to only 20 students.

This is to maintain the quality of interaction between the instructor and students during live classes and ensure a focused learning environment.

Due to the limited numbers, we need to first make sure that you are the right fit for Arabic Unlocked Intensive before confirming your spot.

So if you’re interested to join the next intake, simply click the button below to submit your application.

Enrolment Fees

Let’s take a look at what you’re investing in when you enrol to join Quranic Arabic Intensive, 2024 semester:

1. Everything inside Quranic Arabic Unlocked (Retail price: £497)

Quranic Arabic Intensive is the live class version of Quranic Arabic Unlocked, which is a pre-recorded video course. This course is normally sold at £497. 

2. 40 hours of live online classes with a tutor (£1,800 Value)

With Quranic Arabic Intensive, you're not just accessing the knowledge inside Quranic Arabic Unlocked; you're gaining 40 hours of live, online classes led by a dedicated Arabic Instructor.

This interaction allows you to ask questions, receive instant feedback, and engage with fellow students. If you were to hire a personal Arabic tutor, it could easily cost up to £45 per hour. With 40 hours of dedicated class time, that's a value of £1,800 alone.

3. Exclusive Lifetime Access to Bonuses (£600+ Value)

Additionally, the Quranic Arabic Intensive offers you lifetime access to valuable bonuses that will support your ongoing learning journey: 

           • Language Mastery Course
           • “Unlocking the Words of the Quran” eBook
           • “Unlocking the Words of the Sunnah” eBook
           • “Top 100 Verbs in The Quran” eBook
           • “Top 100 Verbs in the Sunnah” eBook
           • Know What You Say When You Pray Mini-Course
           • Lifetime premium access to Arabic Unlocked App

4. 24/7 Telegram Group Support (£Priceless Value)

In addition to the live classes, you'll have the advantage of outside class support. Our 24/7 Telegram group provides you with direct access to your Arabic instructor and a community of fellow learners.

You can interact with other students, ask questions, and receive continual support anytime between classes. Having this level of support throughout your learning journey is invaluable for your progress.

This is a total value of thousands of pounds
Your investment today:


3 payments of

You're not only saving over £1,000 compared to the total value but also ensuring you receive top-notch instruction, personalised guidance, invaluable bonuses, and unmatched support, all at a fraction of the price.

More importantly, this is an investment that brings you the lifetime benefit of connecting with the Quran on a more direct and personal level in the language of revelation, so InshaAllah, you can establish a more meaningful relationship with the Quran for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete your enrolment today to confirm your spot in the Mid 2024 semester (29nd Jun - 1st Sep, 2024)

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2. The short questionnaire will assess:
           a. Your current level of Arabic
           b. Your Arabic goals
           c. The commitment you can put towards learning Arabic

3. Based on your answers, we will determine if Arabic Unlocked Intensive is the right fit for you.

4. If it is the right fit and you qualify to join Arabic Unlocked Intensive, you’ll be taken to another page to complete your application and to book your spot.

5. The entire application process should only need 5-7 minutes to complete.