Discover the Shortest Path to Successfully Learn Arabic & Understand Over 70% of Quranic Words

Join thousands of successful students on a proven path to learn Arabic — so you can finally understand the Quran when you recite it or hear it recited without relying on translations.

Assalamualaikum, Brothers & Sisters

Would you like to learn Arabic so you can understand the Quran and...
✅ Feel a direct connection with the Quran without relying on translations
✅ Understand what you say in salah to deepen your relationship with Allah
✅Stay focused in congregational prayers because you can follow what the Imam recites with understanding
✅ Find it easier to memorise a surah from the Quran with understanding
✅ Go deeper in your Quranic tafseer studies because you no longer miss out on the nuances of the Arabic language
✅ Appreciate and experience the beauty of the Quran in the chosen language of revelation
if you answered yes to any of these statements, then Alhamdulillah, you’re in the
right place!

Maybe you’re brand new to learning Arabic and don’t know where to start. Or
maybe you’ve spent a long time trying to learn Arabic, but it’s been a frustrating
struggle and you feel overwhelmed.

Whichever situation you’re in, if you want to reach your goal of being able to
understand the words of the Quran in Arabic then…
It’s important to know the most common challenges people face when learning Arabic and how you can remove these obstacles from the start.

Why Do So Many People Struggle to Learn Arabic?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common things people say when they struggle to learn Arabic.
On the surface, these reasons all look different. But they actually have one thing
in common.

They’re all missing the same, important piece…

So the good news is, if YOU have the missing piece, you can overcome these
challenges and reach your Arabic goals, InshaAllah.

Do you want to know what the missing piece is? Read on to discover…

The Missing Piece You Need 
to Successfully Learn Arabic

The Missing Piece You Need To Successfully Learn Arabic

Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. 

Yet, many generic language apps and Arabic courses don’t prepare you to learn Arabic. They expect you to jump straight into learning Arabic vocabulary and grammar.

That’s like expecting you to deadlift a 100kg barbell right away without the proper tools or training.

If you wanted to deadlift 100kg, having the best gym equipment at your disposal isn’t enough to make you successful. You need the right support and training that makes you a stronger athlete.

Well, it’s the same with Arabic. Having the best Arabic curriculum, books, programs, courses, apps, or teachers isn’t enough to help you overcome the most common challenges of learning Arabic.

You need the right toolbox that trains you to become a stronger learner.

This is the missing piece you need to succeed!

When you have the right toolbox to
become a stronger learner, you can go:

When You Have The Right Toolbox To become A Stronger Learner, You Can Go:

Alhamdulillah, we at Arabic Unlocked have put together a comprehensive toolbox, proven to help hundreds of Arabic students become stronger learners and reach their Arabic goals.

Today, you have the opportunity to get this toolbox and start your journey to understand over 70% of the Quran directly in Arabic, InshaAllah.

Introducing Quranic Arabic Unlocked

Our proven Quranic Arabic Unlocked program stands out from other methods to learn Arabic because we provide you with the shortest path to reach your goal of understanding the Quran, combined with the best highest quality learning resources and support. 

Self-paced study
you Always have time for

The Quranic Arabic Unlocked program has been designed as flexible learning units with self-paced online video lessons, exercises, and self-tests and on-demand access to teachers.
This gives you ultimate flexibility so you’ll enjoy:

  • Time freedom to learn Arabic according to your own schedule — You have 24/7 access to lessons so there's no need to try and work around someone else’s fixed class schedule.
  • Learning at your own pace without the additional pressure of feeling like you’re falling behind others in class.
  • Location Freedom that gives you the flexibility to watch lessons from anywhere, at any time and stay consistent with your Arabic studies.

Highest quality learning resources 
Suitable For Learners Of All Levels

The Quranic Arabic Unlocked program has been designed as flexible learning units with self-paced online video lessons, exercises, and self-tests and on-demand access to teachers.

Ongoing Tutor Support And a Vibrant Learning Community

Most online course are 'self taught' meaning you are left alone when you are stuck.

We made sure you have all the support you need, whenever you need it. 

Simply message your course tutor inside your learning portal to receive customized support in your studies. 

Also ensure you remain motivated alongside your fellow students by participating in our vibrant student community forums .

What Our Students Say

I have been trying to learn Arabic for almost 10 years in various format but somehow keep slipping due to one reason or another. I came across Arabic Unlocked and attended the live session back in early August and have not stopped since. 
I wish [that] I knew that a
program like this existed a long
time ago. But Alhamdulillah, I’m delighted I found it now!

The lessons are so clearly laid out and easy to understand and I know if I just continue to follow the program it will lead me to my goals of understanding the Quran inshaAllah.
Before Arabic Unlocked, I didn’t know many words or understand very much in Arabic. 

Since studying with Arabic Unlocked, I have been able to learn to understand a lot of new words, and I can even hold small conversations when speaking with natives.

Most importantly, it has given me an understanding of the Quran that I did not have before.

Enrol On The Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program
And Get These 7 Amazing Bonuses!

Arabic Unlocked will be giving away 7 HUGE BONUSES to students who enrol onto the
Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program in this current batch:

Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING

Students on the Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program are normally charged tuition on a per-year basis, however...

  • Students enrolling in this batch will gain LIFETIME access to the program.
  • ​They will also gain LIFETIME access to EVERY other bonus below!

Weekly Live Classes

  • ​Join as many live classes as you like, and gain access to recordings.
  • ​​Join in on 'Arabic in Action' classes, such as stories of the Prophets.
  • ​Join in on Revision classes, together with the instructor.
  • ​​Connect with other Arabic students for motivation and support.
  • ​Ask the instructor any questions to enhance your understanding.
  • ​Male and Female instructors available.

'Arabic Letters Unlocked' Course

A course for total beginners or those aiming to improve their Arabic language foundations. 
  • Learn how to read and write in Arabic
  • ​​Easiest approach to learn Arabic letters quickly
  • ​Progress from letters, to words, to phrases, and then to sentences.
  • ​Starts from sounds that already exist in English, then sounds that are similar, then unfamiliar sounds.
  • ​Perfect preparation to help you jump straight into the Quranic Arabic Program with confidence

'Language Mastery' Course

A course for ANYONE looking to improve their mindeset and approach to learning Arabic - or any other skill.

  • UNFAIR advatntage that Arabic Unlocked students have over others, ​no other language learning course provides anything like this
  • ​​8 Modules covering the key methods and techniques that will accelerate your Arabic Learning.
  • ​Packed with applied tools and techniques that will transform your Arabic Learning.
  • ​Best preparation for succesful language learning.

'Unlocking The Words' ebook collection

Our extremely popular eBooks have helped thousands streamline their path to begin understanding both, the Quran and the Sunnah.
  • ​Many hours of research and analysis went into finding the top occuring words in the Quran and Sunnah
  • ​3 eBooks in ​​PDF and Digital, Interactice Flipbook versions, to listen and practice your pronunciation.
  • ​'Unlocking the Words of the Quran' eBook.
  • 'Unlocking the Words of the Sunnah' eBook.
  • ​'Top 100 Verbs in The Quran' eBook.
  • Ultimate hack to learning the most practical vocabulary

'Know What You Say When You Pray' Course

This course is designed for the sole purpose of teaching and walking you through the meaning of EVERY STEP of the most important aspect of your life, your Salaah.
  • Understand the conversation that goes on between you and Allah at least
  • ​Quickest way to improve the quality of your Salaah.
  • Build a strong foundation for Khushoo' during Salaah.
  • ​​Come out of the Salaah a etter person than before.
  • Stop praying in a robotic nature
  • Self-paced, high quality course

lifetime premium access to Arabic unlocked app

The Arabic Unlocked App is a fun and interactive way to practice and improve your vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes a day
  • ​7 different sections including: 'Everyday Arabic', 'Quranic Words', 'Word Builder', and 'Prophet Stories'
  • Best tool for learning and remembering new vocabulary
  • ​Built-in Spaced Repetition System Technology
  • Great tool for learning whilst on the go
  • ​Typically costs £10 a month for Premium Subscription
  • ​Half a Million downloads, Thousands of 5-star reviews!

Enrol On The Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program
And Get All 7 Amazing Bonuses!

Enrol On The Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program And Get All 7 Amazing Bonuses!

How Long Will it Take to Complete
Quranic Arabic Unlocked?

Students typically take between 4-8 months to complete the program when they commit to 3-6 hours of study time a week. It takes about 1 hour to collect 1 key. 

Here are our most important recommendations to all our students:
  • We recommend learning each part together, not separately.
    If you’re learning to swim, you need to learn to move your arms, legs, and head simultaneously to move effectively forward.
  • Learning Arabic is similar. You need to learn Language Mastery techniques, grammar, and vocabulary simultaneously to effectively make progress.
  • We don’t recommend cramming everything.
    Everyone knows that you can’t build muscles overnight by lifting weights non-stop for an entire day. Well, it’s the same for learning Arabic.
  • You can’t cram all the lessons back-to-back and expect to wake up like Neo with a new language overnight. The brain needs time and practice to absorb, retain, and apply what you learn to truly master any language.
Keeping both these points in mind, we recommend the following learning paths and timelines:

Recommended Learning Path #1

Recommended Learning Path #2

See Why Our Students Love the Flexible Learning Units
Inside Our Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program

"I had been struggling to learn Arabic for years, and wished I had found
Arabic Unlocked earlier."
Sister H.
“Very clear and easy-to-understand course. It’s made very simple and I find all the basics are really easy to understand.
The teacher I think has put together a really fantastic program to learn Arabic in the most simplistic form.”  
Christi Rang
I have memorised the Quran but unfortunately didn’t understand a word and thought learning Arabic was not something I could do.
But since studying with Arabic Unlocked I was surprised at how much I was able to learn and understand in such a short space of time.
It has changed my experience of reciting the Quran. I can even understand parts of the Friday khutbah, Alhamdulillah.
Alhamdulilah me and my son have been studding with Arabic Unlocked daily . We are both making great progress alhamdulilah.
Umm Amir
Thank you very much to Arabic Unlocked for solving me problems in my Arabic studies. 
Abdullah Naveid
“This is gold. I wish I had this a long time ago. It's exactly what everyone trying to understand the Quran needs.” 
Brother Raed

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Our Guarantee

The courses, tools, resources, and support that you’ll get in this bundle have already helped thousands of students reach their Arabic goals easier and faster. That’s why we’re backing our offer with a 30-day results guarantee — or your money back.

If you’ve completed at least 2 modules and passed their respective tests within 30 days and you’re still not satisfied with the program for any reason, simply write to us within 30 days of purchase to request a full refund. 

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Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program

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 Weekly Live Classes

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 ‘Language Mastery’ Course

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ebook Collection

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‘Know What You Say When You Pray’ Course

⭐Bonus #7: 
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Understand Almost Any Page in the Quran in Arabic

InshaAllah, by the time you complete the Quranic Arabic Unlocked program, you would be able to understand most of the words on any page of the Quran and can grasp the main concepts without relying on translation.

Here’s an example of how many words you'll understand on a random page of the Quran, if you complete this program:
Would achieving this be worth the investment, time and effort you put into learning Arabic?

If your answer is YES, then we’re ready to support you.

Take this opportunity to join Quranic Arabic Unlocked and begin your Arabic journey today.

InshaAllah—with sincerity, tawakkul, and consistency—you will join thousands of other successful students to achieve your Arabic goals easier and faster than you thought possible.
"MashaAllah you have an amazing way of teaching. Every day, I [go] through the lessons, [it] opens a flood of knowledge that is amazing. May Allah bless you and your team for the amazing work."

~ Shabana J. 

"By the way, I'd like to inform you that your program is really amazing. In just [the] two times that I've [studied] your lesson from beginning till the end, I was able to [already] understand the rules in Arabic Grammar"

~ Edwin R. 

"Alhamdulillah, everything is so clear and straightforward. It has allowed me to learn and progress in a way I have not been able to do before."

~ Shabana

Enroll onto The Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program Now 

Get Instant Access to All of this by Choosing
One of the Following Options

Most Popular

Easy Payment Plan
Total value: 
Yours today for only:
£197 x 3
Charged every month for 3 months
to a total price of £591.

Best Deal

Save 15%
Total value: 
Yours today for only:
Save 15% with a one-time payment of £497.
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